Sanitary-hygienic equipment

Food production and processing plants have always been imposed stricter requirements for sanitary-hygienic norms and standards. In order to organize work in efficient way it is necessary to comply with them, otherwise violations will result in fines and other measures like suspension of activity. Thus, the choice of high quality equipment is vital for food processing industry.

Our Company has the following stainless steel equipment for your demand.

  • drainage systems;
  • washing machines for plastic packaging;
  • sanitary-hygienic equipment for cupboards and washing rooms;
  • hygiene stations and turnstiles.

All the above mentioned equipment is produced of stainless steel. The choice of steel is justified due to undoubted advantages compared with other materials. Stainless steel is easily cleaned and doesn’t harbor microorganisms. Sanitary-hygienic stainless steel equipment is durable, that is why it will have a long service life even in severe environments. Washing machines for plastic boxes will help to cut expenses on washing.

The choice of stainless steel products will minimize the probability of fines. The equipment is manufactured strictly according to the existing norms and standards, and you may count on good attitude of Sanitary Inspection Services (Federal Service of Surveillance on Customer Rights Protection and Human Well-being). Compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms at food processing plants is necessary and our equipment will help to achieve this with minimal expenses.