Contact-free wash basins for production plants

Contact-free wash basin is quite new for our market and few know about it. This innovative device is predicted to replace customary wash basins designed for hand disinfection on production plants.

No contact with the surfaces of this equipment during the hand disinfection process helps to achieve needed level of sterility. Now there are 2 types of wash basins with integrated photosensor and knee operated front panel. When the sensor detects the presence of an object (i.e. user’s hands) in front of the tap it sends the signal to automatically initiate the flow of water or hand sanitizer. Knee operated front panel also provides easy access to hygienic hand washing, but it is different from sensor-controlled technology, as it uses mechanics. A simple nudge with knee activates the timed water flow.

In order to raise levels of hygiene and sanitation during the use of the equipment, contact-free wash basins are equipped with special protection that saves the inner parts of the mechanism from the running water. There is an additional splash back that prevents wall from splashes, water leak and collection. Without a splash back, it is almost impossible to get rid of the water that is collected behind the basin without moving it.

Visual appeal of equipment doesn’t play major role, but modern equipment is different in a way that a contact-free wash basin may become a solution to interior design in production plants. One of the major advantages of this kind of equipment is that its frame made of stainless steel doesn’t only protect the equipment from physical damages but also makes it look shiny and tidy. To improve the design, the manufacturer combined drain system protection with stainless steel pedestal. Depending on engineering systems and personal preferences the customer may choose either wall or floor mounted pedestal wash basins.

Modern contact-free wash basins are made of excellent quality stainless steel, which makes them durable and appealing. Superb quality and reasonable price are combined in one product. Every wash basin has a warranty period. Moreover, our Company specialists will provide you with all necessary information and help with installation process throughout the service life of the product.