Workwear dryers

In many enterprises strict compliance with sanitary-hygienic norms is not a simple formality, but an obligatory requirement for product quality and work safety. Food processing is a separate industry that needs 100% compliance with hygienic norms, otherwise serious life-threatening consequences might follow. Such norms attract a lot of attention and as a result need a lot of time.

Fortunately, quick introduction of innovations in our everyday life gives opportunity to choose plenty of viable solutions for this question. The state of the art sanitary equipment helps to comply with the hygienic norms as well as save considerable amount of time. Careful attention should be paid to personnel workwear in meat processing industry. The newest equipment for washing and drying of aprons and boots is provided with a range of different useful functions, whereas technical parameters give opportunity to cut on time of the procedures with no influence on the end result.

Modern products are manufactured following the highest quality standards. High quality materials are used for the superb device and equipment quality, which correspond to all current regulations and norms. Manufactured equipment was designed to consume minimum energy combined with high performance.

For any production plant it is possible to purchase apron washing machines that are designed for different number of items. Some machines are provided with additional functions, so they might be used for washing boots and other necessary work accessories like masks and gloves.

Apron drying cabinets are used for drying workwear as well as for disinfection. Depending on the production volumes cabinets with different capacity are available. All of them are equipped with drainage system and a turning mechanism. The manufacturers also have models with manual or automatic transfer switch with timer. Apart from cabinets, you may purchase hangers for wardrobes and stainless steel racks. This equipment will help to thoroughly dry workwear and store it before and after use.

In case a production plant uses professional cut-resistant chainmail workwear, it is necessary to think of specific equipment for its storage and disinfection. Durable cabinet for drying chainmail workwear will guarantee optimal conditions for thorough drying which will extend workwear service life. Moreover, you may also purchase special racks for shoe/boot drying and storage. The variety of different models will let every customer make an optimal choice. All the products are made of excellent quality stainless steel, can be free-standing or wall-mounted.  Wall-mounted models might be fixed or used as free-standing units.