Hygiene station

Hygiene station is an obligatory equipment for the safe working process organization that has to correspond to high sanitary and hygienic standards. In most cases this equipment is ordered to be installed on food processing and pharmaceutical enterprises, and even on farms.

The modern market has all sorts of hygiene stations of different types and modifications. Each customer is able to choose the most suitable and optimal configuration based on particular production characteristics and a range of additional conditions.

Our Company provides hygiene stations particularly for food processing industry with full control function, other advanced functions and additional options that are used for convenience as well as for improving the quality of sanitary disinfection. Hygiene stations with the function of full control clean the soles and disinfect hands.

According to the entrance type, hygiene stations are divided into:

  • One-way passage hygiene stations – one may enter on one side only.
  • Two-way passage hygiene stations – people from different shifts may enter/exit.

For convenience of use and safety, the stations are equipped with turnstiles and have the “antipanic” function. In emergency situation this function is used to unblock turnstiles in order to let people easily leave the building. Moreover, hygiene stations for personnel are connected with the system of access control, installed inside the company. This function makes it impossible for the employee to enter the building until the process of sanitary disinfection is completed.

Hygiene stations are also equipped with photosensors which detect the presence of hands and the sanitizer is dispensed. Contactless control of hygiene equipment in this particular case significantly improves the quality of disinfection. Hygiene stations are also equipped with level indicators and you can always see how much hand sanitizing solution you need to add.

Taking into account severe conditions in which hygiene stations are used, they are produced from good quality stainless steel. It provides durability as well as preserves the products from external and internal negative factors. Class AISI 304 stainless steel is known for its resistance to acidulous solutions. It is also resistant to moisture, corrosion and physical impact, it is safe and has a higher tensile strength. Stainless steel is also used in medicine which proves its hygienic properties.

We offer favorable terms of collaboration, affordable prices and superb quality of our products. Hygiene station installed on the farm will help to keep optimal sanitary-hygiene conditions on your production plant.