Steinless steel dispensers

Soap and toilet paper dispensers are important elements of bathroom equipment in public facilities. Such dispensers are commonly used in manufacturing where it is vital to comply with sanitary and hygienic norms in the bathroom, as a lot of people visit it quite often throughout the day.

Advantages of stainless steel dispensers

Stainless steel dispensers in our catalogue have a range of advantages, which makes them an ideal choice for above mentioned situations:

  • stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and physical impact, which makes them durable;
  • dispensers have a very simple construction and are easy to use, though are resistant to breakages and property damage;
  • stainless steel is easily cleaned.
  • we have dispensers for different sanitary and hygienic purposes.

Stainless steel toilet tissue and paper hand towel dispensers come in different compositions. It might be chosen for roller towels, folded hand paper, tissues and toilet paper. Moreover, dispensers are protected against property damage by the panel with built-in lock.

Soap dispenser made of stainless steel is constructed in a way that it is possible to operate with both hands and elbows. This makes it easy to use and thus easier to comply with hygienic norms.

You can find dispensers available for liquid soap and toilet paper, as well as universal dispensers suitable for any disposable hygienic products.

Stainless steel dispensers are affordable and durable solution for bathrooms and manufacturing facilities.