About our company

LLC «Azimuth Company Group» began its work in 2011 specializing in a wide variety of high-quality stainless-steel equipment manufacturing and sales for various branches of food industry.

Our Company produces various types of specialized technological, hygienic and detergent equipment of economy and premium class that may become an excellent alternative to European prototypes, even surpassing some of the counterparts in a range of characteristics. Excellent quality and affordable prices made it possible for us to reach an optimal cost-quality trade-off model. Due to that fact we hold the leading positions of this segment on the production market of the Russian Federation.

Our equipment:

Personnel hygiene stations in front of the entrance to the production room

LLC «Azimuth Company Group» designs and produces all sorts of hygiene stations of different types and modifications. Each customer is able to choose the most suitable and optimal configuration based on particular production characteristics and tasks.

Our Company produces hygiene stations particularly for food processing industry with full control function, other advanced functions such as adaptation to external control systems for accounting for personnel access to the production and additional options such as backstop sensor, high-speed dryers of any manufacturer, extended brush lengths etc. that are used for convenience as well as for improving the quality of sanitary washing and disinfection of personnel.

Machines for washing returnable containers

These washing machines are designed for washing and disinfection of returnable containers. Construction is equipped with powerful pumps that spray the washing solution through spray nozzles, automatic washing solution dosing and washing solution temperature maintenance provide high-quality washing of returnable containers and durability of equipment.

Washing machines are used for washing and disinfection of:

- Plastic crates, Big Box and Box Pallet, stainless meat trolleys (200, 300 liters), universal plastic containers, euro plastic containers, plastic bread crates, bakery crates, euro-norm bread crates and lid containers, buckets, appliances, dishes, etc.

All the washing machines can be produced following individual needs and requirements of the Customer.

Equipment for foam washing and disinfection of industrial premises and equipment

Food production needs high levels of sanitary and hygienic control. This equipment helps to: wash with the water under pressure, wash with foam chemicals, wash and rinse with disinfection solutions, clean walls, floors and equipment in food processing facilities.

Stainless steel drainage systems

We specialize in manufacturing of stainless steel goods. Our specialists are professionals with an extensive experience in metalworking manufacturing aware of the latest market and scientific tendencies. This helps to improve the quality and aesthetic properties of our goods in order to produce an impeccable stainless-steel equipment. In our work we fully rely on the advanced engineering and manufacturing experience.

If you have decided to create a good quality drainage system which corresponds to the strictest sanitary requirements, then you should pay attention to the following stainless steel products:

Our equipment has been a huge success with specifically food processing industry, public catering companies, medical and pharmaceutical enterprises in many regions of the country and we get a lot of positive feedback for the work we do.

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, which means goods made of it save their properties through the years, are easily treated and don’t harbour bacteria. This is the reason why Sanitary Inspection Service approves of the areas, where stainless steel is used.

Our Clients highly appreciate business principles in our partnership. First, it is about the individual approach to each client, considering specific needs of the Customer. What’s more, our Company has everything needed to come to optimal solutions for the price and functionality of the equipment with the system of discounts, which might interest companies with various budgets and financial opportunities. LLC “Azimuth Company Group” is a reliable partner with excellent service in all departments, including post-warranty service. We guarantee compliance with contract conditions and on-time delivery of equipment, what is more, we train our Customers’ employees.