Cupboard equipment

Experienced users claim that the most practical material for cupboards and shelves production in commercial kitchens is good quality stainless steel. Goods made of this material are beyond doubt the best as they are durable and functional. This is by far the reason why manufacturing companies choose equipment made of stainless steel. Cupboards and racks made of stainless steel are used in food stores and warehouses and for cooling towers. They are also useful for storage rooms with kitchen equipment and dinnerware.

Modern technologies let us produce durable as well as appealing goods. Such cupboards are produced by many other manufacturers. Each brand has several optimal models, so the customer may choose the most suitable ones. At the same time there is always a good quality-price ratio for the needs of every client.

What do customers need to know about stainless steel cupboards?

In most cases cupboards and racks may be assembled or moved to a different place corresponding to the need of the customer. Racks usually include 4 support poles and 4-5 shelves. They are also equipped with additional adjustable leveling feet which give opportunity to correct and adjust the height and position. The maximum load for each shelf is up to 100 kg.

Stainless steel racks differ according to the purposes of use, production type and steel brand. It is possible to choose a model with plain, wire and perforated shelves. The products range from tray and platter racks to food hanger racks, dinnerware storage and drying racks. Shelves may also be painted in different colors. Apart from shelves, the cupboards are equipped with sliding or hinged doors.