Лотки нержавеющая сталь

The use of stainless steel slot drains

Stainless steel slot drains are used to collect and evacuate waste water from the surface of the floor to the sewerage system in manufacturing buildings.

Slot drains consist of the channel body that is installed into the floor. Slots that are produced by our Company have different opening width. This width is chosen according to the volume of water. We produce slots with both variable and fixed width opening.

When installing the slots with fixed width opening, the slope of the floor is used for the water drainage. For slots with variable width opening the slope to the slot itself is used. In order to overcome the difficulties in water drainage the slope should be no less than 0.5% which is equivalent to 5 mm per 1 meter. This helps the wastewaters to be drained easily to the sewerage system preventing blockages, bacterial and fungal plaque. When choosing the size of the slot the following factors should be taken into account: the volume of drained water (the width of the slot opening), maintenance conditions (the choice of steel) and drainage load class (slot size and the optimal finishes/covering choice).

Slot connection

There are two types of slot connection to make it into one slot drain system. They are welded and flange joints. The welded joint is made on the spot by gas metal arc welding. Flange joint is made using stainless steel bolts together with flanges welded to the edges of the slot with the gasket in between.

Geometric connection:

  • Linear connection
  • Angle joint
  • Т-shaped joint
  • Y-shaped joint
  • Cruciform joint

Slot drain application areas:

  • Food processing enterprises
  • Breweries, bottling enterprises
  • Public catering companies
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Municipal services and public utilities

The advantages of stainless slots:

  • High corrosion and chemical resistance, durability
  • High intake capacity
  • Opportunities to produce slots of different configurations with various opening width, joints and connections
  • Compliance with all the sanitary standards
  • Fire safety
  • Stainless slots are applicable to any kind of floors which makes them aesthetically pleasing