Washing machines MMChT/MMPT

Technical informaton
Type Warehouse plastic packaging

Type of washing

Water Foam / Disinfectant solution
MMChT-200 200 liters +  
MMChT-200-X + +
MMChT-300 300 liters +  
MMChT-300-X + +
MMPT 1200х1000х740 mm +  
MMPT-X + +


Machines are designed for effective washing and disinfection of large warehouse plastic packaging (Big Box and Box Pallet) and stainless steel eurobins. Programmed washing process may include: prewashing, foam cleaning agents washing, rinsing with pressure-rinse nozzle. Depending on the type of contamination a particular program with foaming cleaning agent exposure time is chosen. Electric motor drive is used to lift plastic packaging. The nominal capacity is up to 15 pcs per hour, in accordance with the degree of contamination and the setting of the wash cycle. Pressure washer gun is provided for external washing.

Technical informaton
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